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For those who have a common domestic need to disinfect and sterilize food preparation surfaces, a foodservice surface sanitizer or other common disinfectant is a nicety. For those who work in the foodservice industry or in hospitality, it is a matter of the highest necessity.

Without proper sterilization and sanitation procedures and practices, cross-contamination is a real danger to public safety. Without meticulously disinfecting food preparation surfaces, utensils, cookware, vessels, and other highly traffic surfaces, it’s not a matter of if a problem will arise, it’s a matter of when.

Keeping to good procedures and using quality products and foodservice surface cleaners are two of the keys to success. Here are some practical and effective uses for the Bussit Clean Food Surface Sanitizer and Cleaner that we sell here at JaniSource.com.

●Clean surfaces where foods are prepared, killing up to 99.9% of common bacteria

Some of the most heavily utilized surfaces are those on which foods are actually prepared. These include but are not limited to cutting boards, countertops, butcher blocks, and other communal surfaces in the kitchen that are used to process and prepare foods.

Without ritualistic, routine cleaning and disinfection (daily if not multiple times per day) these surfaces can accumulate dangerous colonies of bacteria and other pathogens. Luckily, our Bussit Clean Food Surface Sanitizer and Cleaner is effective at killing up to 99.9% of commonly encountered bacteria.

Thorough, routine sanitation of your kitchen or your food preparation surfaces is the first weapon in your arsenal to fight against foodborne illnesses and cross-contamination.

●Clean and sanitize glass and sealed ceramic surfaces

Do you have a pronounced need to keep surfaces clean that are used in and around the kitchen but aren’t necessarily used in the production, preparation, or storage of food? Fret not about using harsher cleaning agents when Bussit will do the trick!

If they’re in and around the kitchen, they need to be cleaned, and you need to use appropriate cleaners. Spray Bussit Clean Food Surface Sanitizer and Cleaner onto glass and sealed ceramic surfaces, vessels, or utensils and wipe it off and you’re good to go!

●Sanitize bars and other non-porous household surfaces

This awesome cleaner is also appropriate for cleaning non-porous counters, tables, bars, and other areas where people congregate to eat and drink. Spills and crumbs are impossible to prevent, but you can help to clean them up and sanitize the surface they leave behind.

Whether your home or restaurant needs a cleaner for its (non-porous) tabletops, bars, and other communal surfaces, this cleaner might just be what you need. Even if they aren’t used in the preparation of food, if they come in contact with it or carry it, they’re suspect!

●Perfect for sanitizing metal surfaces, too

Since it’s perfect for non-porous surfaces, you can use it to clean metal surfaces too! Perhaps your restaurant uses metal trays to carry food or drinks - those things need to be sanitized and they need to be sanitized thoroughly. Spray on Bussit cleaner, wipe it off, and go about your business.

●Great for Stovetops!

You can’t avoid incidentally spills, splashes and grease splatter on stovetops, no matter how judicious you are about it. The good news is that Bussit can be used to clean these off after you’ve gotten rid of what residue remains.

●Some require no rinse, saving you time!

The Bussit Clean Food Surface Sanitizer and Cleaner that is the focus of this article is a no-rinse cleaner. Unlike some other harsh chemicals that need to be rinsed down after applying, you can simply spray this one on, wipe it away, and be ready to tackle the next thing that comes your way.

●Great for utensils and cookware, too!

It doesn’t stop with food surface sterilization and sanitation - you can use this unique formula to clean off utensils and cookware, too. For a deep clean, wash and rinse your utensils and cookware, then immerse them in this blend for a minute, or longer if necessary. Take them out and place them somewhere safe to dry - you don’t even need to rinse them or wipe them down!

If you have any questions about whether you can use it on a given surface or not, just call us!

For those of you interested in learning more about some of our foodservice surface sanitizers, check out the link above. There, you can see a more complete list of the products we carry, as well as more detailed information on appropriate uses, ingredients, and composition. You may also be interested in investigating our other cleaning chemicals to see if you can find a product with a more practical application for your purposes.

If you have any other questions, naturally you can reach out to us directly by phone at 877-MOPHEAD. Get in touch with us if you need us - we’re always here to help!

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