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How Leasing Benefits YOU!

Improved Cash Flow

By leasing equipment, a lessee (you, the customer) can avoid spending a large portion of your budget all at once. Leasing the equipment enables you to use your budget for income-producing areas within the company such as inventory, employees, advertising, etc. We started out in the cleaning business so we have been in your shoes!! We know cash flow and equipment shortage problems. I have been there!

Fixed Rate Financing

Unlike some bank loans, monthly lease payments are fixed throughout the term of a lease. Bank loans can have variable rates of interest. You will know your monthly payment upfront, which allows you protection against inflationary increases.

Preserved Credit Sources

In today’s financing market, all companies have limited borrowing it helps to have fiscal responsibility when choosing new equipment. By making your monthly payment, you also build your credit rating!

Protection Against Obsolete Equipment

Worried about technology making your equipment obsolete? Leasing provides you flexibility of trading up to new equipment so you can keep pace with the latest products. At lease termination, you also can return the old equipment and acquire NEW equipment without the worries of ‘being stuck’ with the older equipment!

More Equipment With More Features

Your monthly lease payments are smaller payments made over a period of time, so you can acquire more equipment with more features. Instead of one large upfront payment to purchase one piece of equipment, you now can fit more equipment to better suit your needs through a monthly payment without the large sum affecting your budget.

Pay As You Go

Businesses pay employees on a continual basis – as the employees contribute to the company. In the same way, leasing enables you to pay for the equipment as you use it, rather than paying for it all at once.

Tax Advantages

Leasing offers you the possibility of deducting their entire monthly lease payment as an operating expense. Check with your tax consultant to be sure it is the best option for you.

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*$1-buyout means that at end of term you can purchase the equipment for $1.00

2.Purchase Orders

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Volume Discounts on Accounts

If you are looking for bulk orders, let JaniSource work with you to save. We have special pricing for schools, government agencies, hospitals, non-profits, and other industries large quantities at once. We will work with you to get you the lowest prices and start building a relationship you can trust.
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Scheduled Delivery

Just-in-time deliveries and inventory control is a great way to get the most out of your investments. Let us help you keep your inventory on track, with schedule billing, ordering and delivery. We can set up accounts to automatically have orders placed for items every week, month, six moths; whenever you need it.

Updated Prices

At JaniSource we keep all of your pricing up to date, making sure you save on any specials, sales, or promotions. Our contracted pricing means you can rest assure you are always getting a great deal.

Supply Consultation

Let our years of experience and extensive network of suppliers maximize your investment. Ask to speak with one of our supply experts to find what substitutes in your janitorial inventory can make a big difference to your bottom line.

3.PayPal Credit

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What can I use PP credit for?

PayPal credit can be used for all products and on orders of any amount. If you do not already have PayPal credit you can click this link to apply* for it: https://www.paypal.com/ppcreditapply/da/us/lander

*Subject to credit approval, Janisource is not part of and is not responsible for your credit application directly with PayPal.


Order More and Save!

What can I use QuickSpark Finance for?

QuickSpark Finance can only be used for equipment orders that total to at least $1,000*.

*Subject to approval -

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