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JaniSource is not just your source for industrial cleaning equipment, paper goods, cleaning chemicals, and personal protective equipment and tools. We’re also your prime source for green cleaning products, even if you don’t know it yet.

For years, cleaning and sanitation professionals have been using the products that worked to clean floors, restrooms and to sanitize equipment. Oftentimes these cleaners, degreasers, and sanitizing products contained harsh chemicals - many of them still do. In some situations, that’s the nature of the beast; you just need to use what gets the job done effectively.

But what about the situations in which you can get the job done without using overly harsh chemicals, or by using cleaning agents that, though they might be powerful, are less harmful to the environment in runoff and as waste? You’d use them, wouldn’t you? That’s where the concept of green cleaning and green products come into focus.

But First, What Is a Green Cleaning Product?

Green cleaning actually has a lot of definitions, so it’s difficult to pin down. To some people, green cleaning might mean using only organic or naturally produced ingredients and sanitizers, such as citric acid or white vinegar. Interestingly enough, citric acid (contained in lemon juice and orange juice and extracts) is a common ingredient in some commercial cleaners, so there is some crossover there.

Others don’t take such a harsh stance on what green cleaning is. To them, green cleaning might be better encapsulated as a good will effort to use fewer synthetic chemicals or more recycled paper goods while cleaning to minimize the adverse effects on the environment.

Some consider green cleaning as an effort to use more cleaning agents that contain no synthetic fragrances or chemicals such as chlorine and artificial colors, which, though they may be effective at sterilizing, sanitizing, and creating an overall appealing product, are tough on the environment once introduced to it.

To us at JaniSource, the effort to commit to green cleaning practices and procedures can be taken in steps. We have a collection of our own green cleaners that have been formulated to be widely effective and applicable, as well as to bring you some of the following benefits.

Are There Any Benefits to Using Green Cleaning Products?

●When used properly, they may be no less effective than conventional alternatives: Our green cleaning products are specially formulated to be effective at producing the desired effects when utilized in accordance with their instructions. For example, why would you use a corrosive, chemical agent full of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) for cleaning your bathroom when you can use a much gentler cleaner to produce the same results? The same can be said of many green cleaning agents; though they use natural or safer synthetic chemicals, they can still be highly effective.

●The products may be safer to use: Green cleaners are not only typically as effective as their traditional alternatives, but they can be much safer to use, which is better for you, your home and family, or your business, employees, professional crews, and customers. Many green cleaning formulas contain much fewer toxic (or no known harmful) compounds, making them much more suitable for use in homes and businesses where people live and work.

●It’s better for the Earth!: Even when typical industrial and commercial cleaners are not harmful to people when they are used safely and in accordance with procedure, they still will eventually make their way into the Earth or into waterways. There, depending on their chemical composition, they will continue to wreak havoc. Sanitizers and cleaners are meant to kill microbes and dissolve residues; they don’t know the difference between a waterway and a bathroom sink.

●Serve as an icon for progress!: Change starts at home, and if you’re one of the conscientious homeowners or business owners who’d like to see everyone take a little more interest in doing better for the Earth and environment, be a leader. Take charge and set an example by using the best green cleaning formulas and products you can find!

With that in mind, take a few minutes to look through our collection of green cleaning products from our online catalog which you can find via the links below. These products have quite a range of applications and are specially formulated to produce results!

1.Fizzy Peroxide + Orange Cleaner (and Super Concentrate)

Our Fizzy Peroxide + Orange Cleaner, available in both ready-to-use and concentrated configurations, is an all-purpose cleaner that makes artful use of the cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide, or H2O2, figures prominently in green cleaning formulas, and you first-aid fanatics out there probably already know how great this compound works as a disinfectant. Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful, reactive substance that kills bacteria on contact; you might know it as the disinfectant that “bubbles” or “fizzes” on contact with a wound or with the sink; that’s where the name of our product comes from!

This all-purpose cleaner is biodegradable and soluble in water. It is considered a “low-toxicity” formulation and has a low concentration of VOCs, unlike many other commonly available cleaning agents. It’s useful for general, all-purpose disinfection because hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria and, unlike some “gentler” cleaners, destroys viruses as well.

It’s effective on a wide range of surfaces, including walls, floors, tiles surfaces, bathroom fixtures and sinks, toilets, and urinals. The ready-to-use version comes with a spray head and doesn’t require any dilution or preparation. Simply spray it on, allow the fizzing action to work its magic, and then wipe it off with a rag, towel, cloth, or sponge.

This cleaner is also excellent because it doesn’t just kill bacteria and viruses. It’s also considered excellent detergency and can help destroy some stains and remove odors without destroying fabrics’ colors. Easy to use, with a multi-surface stain-fighting and sanitizing action, this green cleaner can find a place in every home. It’s even formulated with a fresh citrus scent, and for those of you that use it and love it, try the concentrated variety to save some money.

2.Fizzy Peroxide Citrus Powered Cleaner & Degreaser

Our Fizzy Peroxide Citrus Powered Cleaner & Degreaser, just like our Fizzy Peroxide + Orange Cleaner, is a carefully formulated cleaning product that makes use of hydrogen peroxide but is more powerful than the former cleaner and has slightly different applications.

With a powerful blend of hydrogen peroxide and citrus terpenes, this cleaner and degreaser fights stains and odors and is strong enough to tackle heavy cleaning and degreasing jobs without the use of chlorine bleach, phosphates, or butyl solvents. This product contains a powerful blend of citrus solvents and hydrogen peroxide along with biodegradable detergents. In short, it provides serious cleaning power without the harmful effects of much more caustic chemicals.

This cleaner, unlike the ready-to-use Fizzy Peroxide + Orange Cleaner, must be diluted before use. The appropriate level of dilution will vary according to the job or the surface you intend to treat or clean. For more information on dilution or mixing, visit our product page via the link above or get in touch with a member of our team.

It can be used to sanitize, degrease and remove organic stains from walls, glass and tile, glass, floors, grout, and even carpet. Of course, check for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area before proceeding with a thorough cleaning.

Additionally, one more thing to note is that this product should not be used on marble or other acid-sensitive surfaces. You should also never mix it with other chemicals and avoid contact with skin and vapors; this cleaner may be made from a synergistic blend of natural ingredients, but it is tough nonetheless!

3.Bella Bowl ECO Organic Acid Toilet Bowl & Restroom Cleaner

At some time or other, nearly every toilet bowl (or some fixture in the bathroom) has labored under the influence of lime and hard water scale, soap scum, or rust. These blemishing agents are notorious for cropping up in areas that are hard to reach and clean, and they are even tougher to get rid of.

Some professionals resort to the use of caustic, corrosive chemical agents to dissolve and remove these deposits. After all, they work when few other treatments do. However, they only represent one option. There are natural cleaning products like our BellaBowl ECO Organic Acid Toilet Bowl & Restroom Cleaner that work just as well.

This cleaner is made with a patented organic acid that is actually more effective than phosphoric acid at removing limestone, hard water deposits, rust, soap scum, and more. It has a clinging action to dig in deep and dislodge deposits so they can be washed away. It also contains no VOCs, no phosphates and the best part is that it is not corrosive to the skin or to steel.

Strong, effective, and better for the environment than phosphate-based cleaning supplies, this cleaner can be used on toilets, urinals, showers, and even tile and stainless steel to dazzling effect.

4.CleanZyme ECO Odor Eliminator & Carpet Spotter

Stains are a big nuisance to everyone from homeowners to business owners and those in hospitality. Deep cleaning can be expensive and replacing carpets is an even more taxing prospect. Many cleaners use harsh detergents to work stains out of the carpet’s weave and many contain synthetic fragrances whose purpose is to mask scents without really ever removing them. There has to be a better way, and there is.

Our CleanZyme ECO Odor Eliminator & Carpet Spotter is a revolutionary formula that utilizes potent enzymes and even bacteria to remove stains and scents from carpets, floors, and even drains! The secret is a proprietary blend of enzymes and safe bacteria that work on contact with soiled spots, stains, and other dirt. They actually eliminate stains and odors without just covering them up.

While it can be used as a pre-treatment, it is the perfect all-in-one solution for removing spots, stains, and odors from carpets. It’s even been tested extensively to ensure its effectiveness without damaging the carpet.

If you’re tired of quick fixes and harsh chemical formulas, this amazing blend will restore your faith in carpet cleaners - give it a try and see what wonders it can work.

5.AlpenGlow Hypoallergenic Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

Hardwood and laminate floors are beautiful, but they are subject to losing their luster over time and they require a fair degree of care and attention. Many chemical cleaners out there are outright damaging to wood and some will damage the finish or polyurethane over time. Other cleaners, though effective, cannot be used on wood because they will damage it outright or strip the finish right off.

We’ve addressed those points of concern in our AlpenGlow Hypoallergenic Wood & Floor Cleaner. It’s actually a water-based formula, and it can be used on varnished hardwood (or urethane treated hardwood) as well as rubber floors, vinyl, sealed stone, and even concrete floors. It’s quick and efficient and restores a floor’s shine without ruining the finish, dulling the floor, or leaving visible streaks or smudges. It leaves no residue, either; it’s a quick ticket to a brighter floor!

It’s also low in VOCs, phosphate-free and non-corrosive, which is great news for anyone who's tired of those chemical cleaners that are more stressful to use than to leave in the closet. For anyone who’s put cleaning the wood floors on the backburner because it’s easier to live with a dingy floor than use the cleaner, our AlpenGlow Hypoallergenic Wood & Floor Cleaner is the answer.

If you’ve been on the trail of eco-friendly cleaning products that make use of plant-based ingredients but are still effective and powerful, our collection of green cleaning brands just might be the best thing you’ve ever heard of.

Check out each of the highlights featured in this article and be sure to get in touch with us if you have questions about application or formulation. You can learn a lot from the technical and Material Safety Data Sheets on our product page, but our expertise and experience might be able to serve you better than a plain document.

If you have any questions about our green cleaning products on our website (or green cleaning in general) give us a call at 877-MOP-HEAD (877-667-4323) and we’ll help you find the answers you need.

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