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Whether you are someone who runs a tight ship and enjoys cleaning, or someone who just wants the job done as quickly as possible, a steam cleaner is a worthy investment for you. These machines are perfectly designed to quickly remove difficult stains and messes in the home or workplace. A steam cleaner emits hot steam on surfaces to kill viruses and bacteria while a microfibre cleaning cloth follows to trap dirt. This combination allows for a super effective deep cleaning that cannot be achieved with traditional cleaning methods.


Steam cleaners rely on a winning combination of pressure and temperature. A true steam cleaner shouldn’t rely on any chemicals to get the job done. When water vapor is heated to a certain degree it can break down dirt. Even the tiniest of areas can be cleaned with a steamer because the microscopic steam particles are able to loosen dirt particles. Dry steam then collects the dirt and unwanted debris and traps it in a microfibre cleaning cloth.

Benefits of a Steam Cleaner

The obvious benefit of a steam cleaner is to easily clean up messes when they occur. The convenience and satisfaction in removing a potential stain is enough incentive to buy a steam cleaner alone. However, another major reason to get a steam cleaner is the level of hygiene they can ensure for your home or business. The emission of steam along with the use of our cleaning cloths guarantees that Karcher steam cleaners remove up to 99.99% of enveloped viruses like coronavirus or influenza, and up to 99.99% of common bacteria on hard surfaces.

Another benefit to steam cleaning compared to traditional cleaning methods is that steam cleaning is much faster. Large messes and stuck-on stains can take hours of cleaning and manual scrubbing, but a steam cleaner can have stains gone in seconds. No one wants to spend time painstakingly cleaning just to not have effective results, especially if bending over for long periods of time is just not feasible for you. Steam cleaning removes the need for manual cleaning and can have stains and messes cleaned up in a fraction of the time.

What Makes Karcher Different

Karcher steam cleaners are different than other steam cleaners on the market because Karcher uses Lamella technology. Lamella technology allows steam to be equally distributed throughout the cleaning cloth for deep and thorough cleaning. Other brands use cheap nozzles that only allow for the steam to come out in streaks, instead of complete coverage. This results in patchy and ineffective cleaning.

When there is a mess the last thing anyone wants to do is have to wait to clean it up. Nobody wants the task of cleaning to hang over their heads as they wait for their steam cleaner to heat up. It is important that when you buy a product, you are able to use that product exactly when you need it. Other brands of steamers can take up to 8 minutes to fully heat up enough to produce steam, causing you to wait and potentially allowing the mess to grow bigger. Karcher steam cleaners heat up in about 40 seconds, allowing you to clean when you’re ready to.

Buying a steam cleaner is an important purchase and shouldn’t be taken lightly. When looking at other brands of steam cleaners you will see that most cleaners will only work with distilled water. That can be expensive to buy as well as a hassle to make on your own. Karcher cleaners have a built-in decalcification cartridge that descales plain tap water to ensure your cleaner is protected while also maximizing steam. Nothing is easier than going to the kitchen faucet and filling up one liter of tap water for your cleaner’s water reservoir. You can begin cleaning right away without worrying if you have the right type of water for your steam cleaner.

Karcher Steam Cleaners Are Essential


Steam cleaning is superior to traditional cleaning methods because it is faster, more effective, and easier to use. Steam cleaners are also chemical-free which is great for cleaning around children, pets, and food. When purchasing a steam cleaner, it is important to consider what some models offer compared to others. Steam cleaners that can use tap water instead of distilled water are more convenient and less expensive since you do not have to worry about purchasing distilled water for your cleaner. It is also important to consider which models heat up more quickly. You wouldn’t want to have to wait for a cleaner to heat up when you have a mess on your hands. Karcher steam cleaners offer both a quick heat-up time and the ability to use tap water. Check out the variety of steam cleaners that we have available and see how quick and painless cleaning can be.

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