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If you’re wondering how we keep our janitorial supply store exciting here, we have a few tricks up our sleeves, some of which delight our customers time and time again. When your profession is janitorial cleaning, there’s not much that you can take more seriously than a ride-on floor scrubber or a backpack vacuum cleaner, but we find ways to shake things up and keep it exciting, at least for the customers who rely on us for business-critical commercial cleaning supplies.

1.Carry the best brands in wholesale cleaning supplies

While specialization is important, if your business is in selling janitorial supplies, as ours is, you can’t be a one-trick pony. You have to proliferate, and you need to carry the best selection of the best brands in the industries you serve.

So if you’re not necessarily getting excited about toilet paper, bath tissue, paper towels, and trash can liners, get excited about the fact that we carry brands like Charmin, Scott, Cottonelle, Cascades, Impact, and Performance Plus.

If you’re not getting excited about the fact that we carry ride-on floor scrubbers (despite the fact that you should be) get excited about the fact that we have IPC, Tornado, and Karcher floor scrubbers.

To categorize our entire collection of brands would be basically impossible, but let’s just say that our catalog of equipment and brands doesn’t leave any of our customers feeling like they’re missing out.

In our online assortment of floor machines, washers, and other commercial cleaning products, hand soaps and sanitizers, foodservice products, waste management products, and cleaning chemicals, we have all of the leading brands and many others. In fact, that’s something you should get excited about right there: it’s almost impossible to write a sentence about how much we carry without the sentence turning into a run-on.

2.Carry brands that no one else has

While it’s important to carry the brands that your customers are looking for right at the start, it’s also important to carry brands that no one else has, and there’s really only one way you can pull that off. You have to offer your own exclusive brands, and we do.

After we gained some experience in the industry for janitorial cleaning supply stores, we realized there were some things we could do better than our competitors, and even some things we could do better than some of our suppliers. So we developed our own line of brands and marketed them.

We just sell too much to provide a detailed exposition about all of our products in the scope of this article, but let’s offer a few examples as proof.

Here’s what’s exciting about the fact that we can provide our customers with a range of products that carry our name. It brings them excellent quality at a reduced rate. Getting more for less - that’s something to be excited about, especially when quality takes the front seat.

3.Offer (exciting) financing and provide a nationwide warranty

Have you ever used a ride-on floor machine? It’s like a Dodge Viper, but slightly slower. Point is, it’s a classy ride, and forming a bond with one is inevitable, if you’ve ever used one, that is.

Check out our collection of automatic floor machines, where, like we’ve stated, we carry some of the top brands such as Karcher, IPC, and Tornado. That alone is something to get excited about, but here’s something else.

Classic styling isn’t the only likeness a ride-on automatic floor scrubber bears to that American icon, the Dodge Viper. Both of them command quite a price tag, and while an automatic floor scrubber might fall a little short (in price) of a Viper, it still commands a few bills.

But, just like the Dodge dealership, we also don’t expect our customers to shell out the entire cost of the ride upfront. We don’t expect our customers to be sitting on loads of cash, and to better serve them, we offer financing services to our customers.

That way, when you see that ride-on floor scrubber glistening on the lot, well, glistening on our web page, you won’t need to think twice about whether or not you can afford it. Just give us a call at 877-MOPHEAD if you want to learn more about our financing deals!

By the way, we offer another little bonus - we offer nationwide warranties on many of our products. We even offer nationwide repair services, so when you buy from us, you can rest easy in the purchase.

If that’s not exciting, we don’t know what is. Now how many other Karcher Dealerships can say the same?

4.Bonus: provide closeout deals

In addition to the fact that we offer great financing and support for our customers, here at JaniSource, we also offer some killer closeout deals. These deals come on top of our routine practice of offering great discounts and excellent prices - and to find them, you need to stop by periodically. You just never know what’s going to get a serious price break this month, this week, or even today.

Now, you may have heard of buyer’s remorse, but get ready to learn about something new (if you’ve never experienced it). We don’t deal in buyer’s remorse, but buyers high is something we provide, and free of charge.

You know that feeling you get when you get a ridiculously good deal on something, whether it’s a restaurant special or a new coat? Like you’re on top of the world like you’re excited about something and just feel great and can’t even quite explain it?

We provide that feeling, but you won’t be getting deals on specials or coats here. In this case, it’ll be hand sanitizer or a set of heavy-duty trash bags (basically, whatever’s in our closeout section at the time). Get a serious deal on these essentials, and you’ll get the same feeling of euphoria since you can save so much in our closeout corner.

Great prices are great - and that’s something you can get excited about, especially if the stuff your buying is also stuff you have to buy. Wholesale pricing is great, but closeouts are even better!

5.Give your customers a break with free shipping deals

Are you getting excited yet? If you just can’t stave it off, we can hardly blame you. After all, who else offers the great deals we offer on the exclusive products we sell? Who offers the same support and financing? That’s the kind of stuff that makes a janitorial supply store exciting.

But wait - there’s more! No, really, there’s more. Let’s say you’re getting ready to dish out some money for a big-ticket item like a floor scrubber or a burnisher. The prospect of such a purchase should be exciting - definitely - but we have some new good news for your aspiring purchasers.

All you have to do in order to secure free shipping from JaniSource.com is break 100 dollars - that’s it. That, by the way, is remarkably easy, unless you only need napkins for the kitchen. Our prices are great, but the cost of maintenance quickly builds itself north of Benjamin, so offering free shipping over 100 dollars is basically like a blanket free-shipping offer.

Which, by the way, is something to get excited about, because, as you can imagine, some of these heavy, bulky items (which cost more than 100 dollars) incur fairly commensurate freight costs. That is to say, they’re not cheap to ship.

But we know how much it means to our customers, so to give you all another break on pricing, we offer free shipping anyway. Now that’s something to get excited about.

6.Plot twist: Carry things that don’t necessarily make your customers excited, but that they need

If you aren’t excited by now, then maybe you haven’t been reading closely. Or maybe we haven’t provided you with the information you need. Either way, our goal is to get you amped about janitorial supply stores before you’re done with this article. However, if we can’t get excited, we’ll settle for one of its cousins: relief or satisfaction.

They’re not exactly the same feeling, but we provide them for our customers by coming up with great prices on all of the things that they need, but don’t necessarily excite them.

Does your business run through thousands of paper towels or paper plates every day? Do you tally your inventory of napkins by the roomful? Have recent procedural changes caused your business’s demand for hand sanitizer to skyrocket?

This is just a quick example, but if those things cause you more stress than excitement, then JaniSource can help relieve that stress by being a ready provider of those regular-but-necessary essentials that your business needs, in order to operate, day in and day out.

So maybe you won’t be getting excited about them, but at least you also don’t need to lose any sleep over a supply chain that has been spread thin. Whatever you need - whether it’s foodservice equipment to waste management necessities to cleaning chemicals (and everything in between them) we have it.

7.Also necessary - Pair great customer service with the rest of it

If you need one more thing to throw into the mix that adds value (and hopefully gets you stoked about janitorial supply stores) then you can throw our customer service in the mix. We pride ourselves on being accessible and approachable to our customers and we strive to solve problems for them.

If you have a question, give us a call. While we are experts on the brands and products we carry, it doesn’t have to be a product-based question. Do you want to learn more about what floor cleaners are best for a given surface? Want to learn some tips and tricks of the trade that only we know? There’s only one way you’re ever going to know and that’s if you call us!

Don’t be shy, especially if you have questions about our support, repair services, or warranties. Those are the types of things we don’t expect our customers to know about anyway and you can shop more confidently when you do.

Anyway, we’re friendly. There’s nothing to fear here - so call us with any questions you have - 877-MOPHEAD.

8.Bonus: Provide cool information

Finally, if there’s one more thing for you to get excited about (and this is a pretty cool thing) it’s about all the interesting topics we publish to our blog every now and then.

Can you list seven reasons to use Parvo scrub to kill Parvo? We can! Are you making one of the following three common floor cleaning mistakes we uncover in our blog? We hope not, but you might want to check out that blog to know for sure.

There’s tons of surprisingly interesting and helpful information in our blog, and as always, if you read something that needs clarification, you can just reach out to us for a little bit of support and clarity. It’s not like we bite or anything!

Spoiler Alert: We Already Do All Those Things

Alright, so it should be pretty obvious by now that we already do all of those things that make a janitorial supply store exciting since we’ve been mentioning it throughout the article. We do, and by now you should be pretty excited.

If getting excited about this type of stuff isn’t your style, that’s fine too, but it’s also in your favor to start getting some of your cleaning equipment and supplies from us, since, you know, we have great prices and great customer service. Plus, if you’re looking for some brands that you haven’t been able to come by, there’s a better-than-good chance that we have it. Hand sanitizer isn’t the only thing that experiences shortages, you know.

Whether you just need a reliable new supplier of garbage bags or you’re looking for a capable supplier of cleaning and sanitation supplies for a health care business, we have what you need - all you need to do is find it on our site!

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