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Everyone home needs a fleet of household disinfectants to keep bacteria and viruses at bay. Businesses and food service providers aren’t the only ones with such needs, and you don’t need to compromise on power and efficacy.

With some of these top picks in household cleaners from our collection, you can keep your home sparkling clean and promote healthy hygiene and habits, all while keeping common germs and even viruses like Sars-CoV-2 at bay.

ViruScrub Citrus Disinfectant Aerosol

Our ViruScrub Citrus Disinfectant, especially in the RTU aerosol configuration, is a multi-purpose household disinfectant and deodorizer that is highly effective and even easy to use.

This ViruScrub is an amazingly effective disinfectant that is not only virucidal and bactericidal, it is also fungicidal. It kills a huge range of common germs, viruses, and fungus, including but not limited to Staph, Staphylococcus Aureus (including MRSA!), streptococcus, VRE, as well as HIV-1, Influenza A and B along with Swine Flu, and many others. It even kills and prevents both mold and mildew.

It’s so effective that it kills 99.9% of common germs and is highly effective on a wide range of non-porous surfaces, including but not limited to glass, ceramic, porcelain, metal, enamel, and a wide range of non-porous synthetics like ABS, vinyl, and polyethylene. It’s also easy to use. Simply shake it up, spray it on, let it sit for about 10 minutes, and wipe it off!

Sporelok Mildew Stain Remover

Any domestic arsenal of household disinfectant sprays would be well served by a purpose-formulated mildew remover. Mildew is the bane of humid environments in and around homes, creating unsightly stains and spots and leaving unpleasant odors in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and elsewhere.

Take control of mildew with our Sporelok Mildew Stain Remover. Its chlorine bleach-based formula is highly effective at killing and removing mildew from sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, and more. It can even be used on grout and on rubber and other synthetic surfaces like bath mats and shower curtains. It’s the ideal household cleaning solution for the removal of mildew.

Like our ViruScrub RTU, it’s also easy to use. Make sure you wear gloves, simply spray it on, wipe it off, and say goodbye to mildew.

Fizzy Peroxide + Orange Cleaner RTU

Our Fizzy Peroxide + Orange Cleaner is one of our popular green cleaning products, which makes excellent use of hydrogen peroxide’s ability to provide a deep and powerful clean. Hydrogen peroxide is highly effective at killing many bacteria and viruses and is also effective at removing stains as well.

This cleaner is ideal for oxidizing soil and stains, thus removing them from surfaces, and is an effective solution for some color-safe bleaching applications. It’s also low VOC, low toxicity, and even biodegradable. It cleans, disinfectants, removes stains, and even leaves the surfaces with a fresh citrus scent.

It’s effective for cleaning a wide range of surfaces, such as tile, bathroom fixtures, tubs, showers, and walls, and no rinse is required. Simply spray it on using the convenient spray bottle, let the fizzy action get to work, and wipe it off!

Bussit Clean Food Surface Sanitizer & Cleaner

Our Bussit Clean Food Surface Sanitizer & Cleaner is a highlight from our collection and provides commercial cleaning power to homeowners in the form of a convenient and easy-to-use package. It also requires no rinse, making it effective not only for businesses but also for households.

Effective at killing 99.9% of kitchen bacteria, the Bussit Clean Food Surface Sanitizer & Cleaner is also easy to use, just like the other disinfectants on this list. Just wash your dishes, utensils, and other cookware with soap and water as you usually would, spray them with this sanitizer, and allow them to dry - no rinse or wipe down required.

You can also use it to disinfect some countertops in the same manner. Clean away food particles and heavy soil, wet the surface with this cleaner, and allow it to dry. Do not wipe it down or rinse it.

High Five Liquid Hand Sanitizer

What list of household disinfectant products would be complete without a hand sanitizer to reinforce good personal hygiene throughout the day? Our High Five Liquid Hand Sanitizer is a staple, made from 65% Isopropyl alcohol, and remarkably easy to use.

Just apply it to your hands and rub it dry - it will reduce the incidence of bacteria on your hands where applied and will help promote healthy practices while diminishing the spread of pathogens, assisting with other disease control and prevention measures.

Do you still have questions about the specific usage or application of any of these products? Looking for something a little more specific or with a different formula that you can use to keep your home clean and sanitized?

We have plenty more where these came from and our customer service cannot be matched. Give us a call at a 1-877-MOP-HEAD (1-877-667-4323) and we’ll be happy to answer any of your specific questions or even provide you with advice. In the meantime, take a look through our collection to gather specifics - you can consult the technical data sheets and safety data sheets for additional insight or information!

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