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For efficient, sparkling clean floors, it's important to use the right floor cleaner for the job. Explore top-rated products that are highly rated by business owners and homeowners and find out how to get the best results on your carpets, hardwood, tile, and other surfaces.

Identify the Type of Floors in Your Business or Home.

Before choosing the best floor cleaner, it's important to identify which type of floors are in your business or home. Different types of flooring require different cleaners and products to ensure they remain in excellent condition and free from damage. Hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate all require specific cleaners that vary in effectiveness based on the surface finish. Be sure to research the specific needs for each type of flooring to ensure you choose a product that will keep them protected and looking new. If you need assistance, please call us at 740-374-6298.

Choose a Cleaner Suitable for Each Surface.

When selecting a floor cleaner, it is important to read the product's label and consider the type of surfaces that it can be safely used on. Using the wrong product on your floors can damage them or leave their finish looking dull and matted. The best cleaners are designed specifically for various types of surfaces, so using products with an optimal pH reading is especially important when cleaning hardwood floors and other sensitive materials. Pay close attention to cleaning instructions as some products may need to be diluted before use while others are ready to go straight from the bottle.

Neutramax: Our concentrated lavender scented neutral pH floor cleaner is safe for any surface. And smells great too! 

PileUp TLC: A super concentrated bonnet cleaner that keeps your carpet looking new and clean. Can also be used as a pre-spray. 

Opt for Green Cleaning Products.

Opting for green and eco-friendly cleaning products can be better for the environment and beneficial for your floors. Make sure to look for products that are free of harsh and artificial chemicals. The labels on green cleaners may tout words like natural, biodegradable, non-toxic, phosphate free, or plant derived which indicate they are less likely to damage the surface that you are cleaning. Be sure to check out our eco-friendly cleaning products.

Fizzy Peroxide + Orange Cleaner: This powerful multi-purpose cleaner is great for tile floors. It is available in both a ready to use and concentrated formula. 

AlpenGlow Hypoallergenic Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaner: This ready to use water-based product is specifically formulated to clean polyurethane finished floors quickly without dulling or streaking. Great for hardwood and laminate floors. 

CleanZyme ECO Odor Eliminator & Carpet Spotter: CleanZyme Eco is an odor eliminating and carpet-spotting additive that uses a combination of green technology and safe bacteria to permanently remove odors and stains, while making carpets cleaner than ever before. 

Keep All Necessary Accessories Handy.

Having all the necessary cleaning materials within arm’s reach makes it much easier to quickly clean floors when needed. Keep a bucket, broom, mop and clothes nearby along with any special tools needed for polishing or buffing room surfaces. Having cleaning products like all-purpose cleaners, sprays and other solutions on hand can also be very helpful for getting rid of stubborn dirt and stains without having to head out to the store. View our selection of cleaning tools

Vacuum and/or Sweep Floors Before Cleaning them.

Make sure to vacuum or sweep your floors before cleaning them. This is especially important if you’re using a mop, as it can spread dirt that’s lying on the floor surfaces, leading to streaking and smudges. Vacuuming helps pick up dirt, hair and other debris quickly so you won’t have to worry about dealing with the mess after cleaning. Don’t forget to empty the vacuum bag regularly too, as this will help maintain suction power and stop any dust from going back onto the floors you just cleaned!

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