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When there’s plenty of cleaning to be done, there’s plenty of equipment that should be used. Cleaning equipment is easy to use and it makes completing any cleaning task effortless. From air movers to high speed floor machines, there is cleaning equipment for nearly any cleaning task, and JaniSource is the leading equipment provider to all.

To make your life easier, we highly suggest you purchase reliable cleaning equipment. Whether you choose to purchase a sturdy carpet extractor or replacement floor pads for your floor machine, you can count on an effortless and sparkling clean result. At JaniSource, we offer our customers the best cleaning solutions possible, including equipment, such as air movers & fans, autoscrubbers, carpet extractors, edgers, floor pads, floor brushes, floor drivers, high speed floor machines, low speed floor machines, cleaning parts & services and vacuums & sweepers. We also make searching for any specialty cleaning equipment easy by offering you a search by brand.