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High Quality Dusting Materials

A build up in dust can have a great effect on the way that a business, school or establishment looks, which is why high quality duster equipment is something that every janitorial staff needs to have on hand. Our selection is filled with applicators and refills for you to switch out when you’re in need of a good dusting. JaniSource loves being able to provide all sorts of establishments with these high quality products.

Get the Job Done the First Time

There are plenty of dusting materials that don’t get the job done the first time around. Rather than sell you products that you’re going to have to perform multiple rounds of dusting with, we only provide you with a selection that will improve your job. That means dusters that are made from durable materials and are intended to handle high quantities of dust. When you browse the selection of products, you can feel confident know that regardless of what you pick, you will get something that gets the job done.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The end goal of the JaniSource team is to provide cleaning professionals with all of the supplies that they need to get the job done. If by some chance you wind up with a product from our inventory that doesn’t work as it’s intended to, please reach out to us. We will gladly replace this part with an entirely new part, suggest a tool or product that will work better the cleaning that you’re doing or provide you with a full refund. Afterall, there’s no way for a cleaning staff to get their job done well if they don’t have the cleaning supplies that they need to do so in the first place. Learn more about the 100% satisfaction guarantee that we offer here.