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Caution Signs & Barricades

Durable Caution Signs for Your Establishment

While maintaining a clean space is your job, it is not the only one. Safety needs to take a part in the quality of the job that is done. If you are working with any cleaning supplies or processes that will leave the ground wet or slippery for an extended period of time, then it is an absolute must that you have caution signs and barricades up to protect any individuals that wind up walking through this course. Check out the different signs that we offer at JaniSource and find one that suits your establishment perfectly.

Signs That Meet All Safety Requirements

With every form of establishment comes a variety of safety expectations that must be upheld. The various caution signs and barricades that we have at JaniSource meet all of the safety standards that you and your establishment will be held to, and are created from durable materials and designed to last. You can guarantee that we are providing you with the pieces of equipment that you need to outlast everyday wear and tear.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

One of the reasons that JaniSource is a well known janitorial material provider is because of the guarantee that we hold to all of the products that we sell. Each of our products are what is best for establishments in regards to cost, quality and the codes that they stand up to. If by chance you wind up with a product that does not meet your expectations, please reach out to us and allow for us to make it up to you. Whether it be through full replacement of the product, guidance towards a product that will be better suited for your needs, or an entire refund on your product, we will do our best to ensure that you’re happy with the materials that you get from JaniSource. Learn more about the 100% satisfaction guarantee that we offer here.